Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ahhh, Back To Normal

HI GUYS!!!!!!!!!! Missed you much :')

Ok, so I'm going to give you a mini tutorial today! Oooh, exciting, right? :D LOL

Theme: Felicia Fellatio!
She is BFM's mascot, kind of! She has a crazy drag queen ghetto crack whore personality that will drive you to the EDGE OF GLORY!

Most important step: Put on this while doing your makeup.

Step one: get your pink hair dye out and use this FF trademark mouth!

Step two: throw on every damn mascara you find! Followed by a crazy eyeshadow! (MUST have glitter)

Step three: get your eyeliner out and put all of it under your eye! Oh, one little twist! Put on about 4 layers of the light pink blush!!!

Step four: Put on a sassy lipstick and all the lipgloss you can find!!!! FIND THAT GLOSS!

Step five: Work your fake eyelashes and accessories! And for lords sake, don't forget your weave!
Guurl, you done!

Mwuah <3


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