Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Items for New Members

Hello Again!

As some of you may have heard, Stardoll has left behind the old and welcomed in the new! With what, you may ask. Well, Stardoll has designed all new furniture for new members and gives them different clothing. 

New Furniture

New clothing. 

We all recognize some of these because they were released to us all a while back. Instead of a dull black skirt, white T-shirt, and black stockings, new members now get some fun, up-beat pieces. Great part, they get all of this along with the clothes that come on the MeDoll they chose. Pretty nice huh? :)

Well, along with these great items, once the email is confirmed, new members also get to chose between three specially designed dresses just for when you make an account.

Pretty great right?! I think Stardoll has really done great with these new changes. I remember when I fist joined, everyone was started off with a default doll (you changed it to your preference), one room (yes, everyone including Superstars got only one room), the basic skirt, t-shirt, and stockings described above, and the furniture included a plain white dressing table, two shelves, and a hand mannequin. Those furniture items were set in one place and could not even be moved! Yet then again, Stardoll has really changed a lot in the time I have been on here but that is a whole new story. 

Anyways, what are your thoughts on these new items? Any favorites? What were you given when you joined?


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